As a manufacturer of basic chemicals, industrial explosives, and products with special functions, Y.S.K. contributes to the community by materializing happiness though "an innovation of chemistry."

Organic intermediates Priming materials・Industrial explosives

special chemistry
advance explosives

For explosives, and chemical products, please contact YSK. Initiation systems such as electric detonators and non-electric detonators, electronic detonators

The YSK Group aims to satisfy its customers through the manufacture and sale of specialty chemicals and industrial explosives of global standards, starting with the first "organic synthetic chemistry" in Japan.


priming materials

Initiation systems

industrial explosives


We offer a wide range of explosives, including ANFO explosives, T-MAX explosives of Ammon explosives, Hi-Gel emulsion explosives, etc., and pyrotechnics such as electric detonators and detonators with detonators, etc., which make use of the characteristics of each explosive to suit the application.

Chemical products and organic intermediates

Chemical products and organic intermediates

Contract manufacturing (OEM)

Contract manufacturing (OEM)

At YSK, we make full use of our proprietary elemental technologies to manufacture and sell high-quality organic intermediates such as dyestuffs and high performance polymers that meet user needs, and they are well received by users in Japan and abroad.

Please feel free to contact us for the development and production of chemical substances.




If you have any questions about explosives, initiation systems and chemical products, please contact YSK.